Understanding Community-Based Family Support in Inuit Communities to Support Children’s Development

Community mobilization initiatives offering support to families are taking place in Nunavik and in the rest of Quebec. Community-based family support includes all community development actions aimed at improving the quality of the social fabric by promoting the creation of places of belonging and solidarity networks between families, in their communities.

The main objectives of this project are to :

  • Understand the needs of Inuit families in terms of community-based family support
  • Understand community-based family support in its current forms and analyze the specificities of community action in Nunavik
  • Support the implementation of the Acting Early program in Nunavik to improve community-based family support and foster the development of children
  • Promote the sharing of knowledge on Inuit community-based family support, by fostering dialogue, collaboration and expertise sharing between stakeholders in Nunavik and in the rest of Quebec

Project characteristics :

  • The research team will undertake a series of group discussions, focus groups and individual interviews with key stakeholders involved in community-based family support in Nunavik, including community partners and families living in one of the 7 communities along the Hudson Bay
  • Consultations with administrators and community workers involved in the Acting Early program will allow the research team to identify opportunities to support the implementation of the program
  • Activities to generate and share knowledge will focus on addressing the needs of Inuit project partners and Inuit families in Nunavik

If you are interested in this project and would like to communicate with a member of the research team, you may write us at: info@labo-grandir.com

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